KIT Launch Monitor


The Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor is engineered with the most advanced radar technology and a high-resolution camera to give you 16 points of data and video to see your swing in perfect clarity. Tested & trusted by Tiger Woods, made for everyone.

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Tracking: Patented, 24GHz Dual-Mode, ML Enhanced Radar

Display: 5.3” Ultra-bright, Full HD (1920×1080) OLED with 16.7 million colors

Camera: Full HD 1080p, 60 fps

Processor: Dual-core A9

Connectivity: Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n/ac; Bluetooth® 5.0 BR/EDR/LE

Battery: Built-in Lithium-ion 8000mAh; Approximately 5 hours of use (depending on conditions)

Carry Case: Light-weight, water and impact resistant

Charging Port: USB-C

Charger: 45W USB-C; 110-240v, 50-60Hz

Charging Cable: USB-C, 3’ (1m)

Unit Dimensions: 10.23” H x 6.57” W x 2.32” D (3.74” with support leg extended); (260mm x 167mm x 59mm (95mm))

Unit Weight: 4.0 lbs (1.8 Kg)

Case Dimensions: 13” L x 8.11” W x 3.86” H (330mm x 206mm x 98mm)

Unit, Case, Charger Weight: 5.7 lbs (2.6 Kg)

Package Dimensions: 16.5” L x 10.75” W x 4.8” H (419 mm x 273mm x 122mm)

Package Weight: 8.4 lbs (3.8 Kg)

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